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Do You Need a Waterpik Flosser?

Short answer: Yes. At Sonrisas Dental Miami, we love recommending the best products or tools to help our patients maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. One thing that may shock some of you is our recommendation that all – yep, ALL – patients use a Waterpik flosser. Now, before you click away or roll your eyes, […]

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Options for Failed Dental Implants

There are not many things more defeating and deflating to our self-esteem than a failed cosmetic dental procedure. As a dentist in North Miami Beach with 25 years of experience, Dr. Waich has treated numerous patients who have suffered from failed dental implants. Not only are these failed procedures a harsh hit to your self-confidence, […]

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The Importance of Probiotics After a Dental Procedure

Dental health is a crucial aspect of our overall well-being that often gets overlooked. Maintaining good oral hygiene not only gives us a bright smile but also contributes to our physical health. One emerging area of interest in dental care is the role of probiotics, beneficial bacteria known for their positive impact on gut health. […]

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Preventing Oral Cancer and Spreading Awareness

Cancer is a frightening word that no one wants to hear, especially when it comes to your health. But the reality is that oral cancer is a very real and serious condition that affects thousands of people each year. While it may not get as much attention as some other types of cancer, oral cancer […]

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How Vaping May Be Ruining Your Oral Health

Vaping is the latest trend among young adults – and even teens. Unfortunately, even though it is touted as a healthier alternative to cigarettes, it actually can do a lot of lasting damage to your oral & overall health. While it may be “smokeless”, there is still a chemical reaction happening within these trendy little […]

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