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Don’t Forget to Use Your Dental Benefits!

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hsa use it or lose itThe end of the year is fast approaching! We know, we can’t believe it either. This year has flown by – but here is your friendly reminder to not let your dental benefits do the same! Many people will lose their flexible HSA money or dental benefits on December 31st, 2023. So, now is the perfect time to get in to see your favorite North Miami dentist.

Using Your End-Of-Year Dental Benefits

Patients need to see their dentist at least twice every year for routine cleanings, exams, and X-rays. If it has been more than 6 months for you, then please schedule your next regular appointment before Christmas. Here are some other dental procedures and treatments we encourage you to schedule so you don’t lose those dental benefits.

How to Maximize Your Dental Benefits Before the Year Ends

If you have benefits left, or money left in your HSA (Health Savings Account), there are ways to maximize your benefits. Talk to our team at Sonrisas so we can help you determine which benefits you have left and how to make the most of them. For instance, if we determine that you need extensive dental treatment, it may be in your best interest (and your budget’s) to split up the treatment to leverage the insurance benefits of two calendar years. For example, if you need a root canal followed by a crown or implant, Dr. Waich can begin the procedure in December and finish in January to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

This obviously depends on your specific insurance plan and which benefits you have used throughout the year. Remember that your benefits also depend on whether or not you are electing a procedure or if it is determined to be restorative or preventive. The best way to know what you have remaining is to call your insurance provider and get the information.

Come See Dr. Waich Before 2024

Schedule your appointment today and don’t leave unused benefits on the table! You could save a substantial amount of money simply by checking your benefits and getting your dental procedures started in December. Ring in the New Year with a bright, healthy smile from Sonrisas Dental Miami.


Posted in News on November 13, 2023