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Dr. Waich Talks Dental Health & Women in Dentistry

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Dr. Waich was honored to be a guest on MissRepresented this past fall. With her 25 years of experience working as a woman in dentistry, Dr. Waich gave some powerful insight into this world. She also talks about her knowledge and experience in providing exceptional cosmetic dentistry and smile design to patients in North Miami Beach. She even shares the reason why she went into dentistry – hint: she was afraid of the dentist!

Smile Design, Leading Women, & Dentistry

In this empowering episode of Miss Represented, host Lisa Opie sits down with the accomplished Dr. Viviana Waich to explore the world of dental health, challenge stereotypes surrounding women in dentistry, and delve into the fascinating topic of veneers among Miss Universe contestants. Dr. Waich shares her journey in a male-dominated field, shedding light on the achievements and struggles faced by women in dentistry. Together, they discuss the importance of oral health, the impact of a confident smile, and the evolving perceptions of beauty in the pageant world. Get ready for an insightful conversation that goes beyond the surface to uncover the stories behind those radiant smiles!

Always Learning, Growing, & Sharing

If you watched the video, you would have heard that Dr. Waich has given many lectures and talks about her experience and the latest in dental advancements. In 2024, she is set to speak and share her knowledge with even more audiences. Be sure to check our website and our social media platforms to stay current about her next engagements.

Posted in News on December 4, 2023