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How Vaping May Be Ruining Your Oral Health

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guy vapesVaping is the latest trend among young adults – and even teens. Unfortunately, even though it is touted as a healthier alternative to cigarettes, it actually can do a lot of lasting damage to your oral & overall health. While it may be “smokeless”, there is still a chemical reaction happening within these trendy little contraptions. Here are some things to consider.

What is Vaping?

Vaping is a popular alternative to cigarettes that involves inhaling aerosol (or vapor). Users can choose from a variety of different styles of these ‘e-cigarettes’ to fit their lifestyle. They can come in styles like vape pens, or more dangerously, concealed in styles that look like USB devices. The device typically heats a liquid solution (e-liquid or vape juice) containing nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals to create vapor that users inhale.

The Real Risks of Vaping

Vaping is not a healthier alternative, however. Despite the provocative marketing, these products contain even more harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes (in addition to nicotine). The combination of vape juices and nicotine makes it one of the most addicting substances on the market today. There have been numerous reports of contaminated devices or vape juices that have led to thousands of hospitalizations around the country. These people experience what is known as “Lung Injury” and is a direct result of additives within the vape devices.

When it comes to the substances themselves, such as nicotine, it isn’t new information that the risks to a person’s health are at great risk. Nicotine not only causes chemical changes in the brain but can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and respiratory function – including putting users at risk of developing lung cancer or oral cancer.

Vaping and Your Dental Health

When it comes to your oral health, vaping is one of the worst things you can do. While cigarettes turn your teeth yellow & lead to lung cancer, vaping can do numerous things to your mouth, teeth, and throat:

  • Dry Mouth: Whether you smoke or vape, dry mouth is a real concern. Without healthy levels of saliva, teeth begin to decay simply because of the unbalanced acidity levels in the mouth.
  • Nicotine Damage: We listed some risks associated with nicotine above, but when it comes to oral health, nicotine causes vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels) and reduced blood flow. This can affect the health of the gums and contribute to gum disease. Nicotine can also contribute to teeth grinding (bruxism), which can lead to tooth damage and jaw discomfort.
  • Inflammation of the Gums: Harsh chemicals in vaping liquids, including flavorings and other additives, may irritate the gums and contribute to inflammation, sensitivity, bleeding, and gum disease.
  • Cell Death or Damage: Using vaping juices may lead to cellular damage in the mouth and throat. This damage can affect the oral tissues, including the gums and soft tissues in the mouth, leading to oral cancer.
  • Tooth Sensitivity: Vaping liquids may contain acidic components that can contribute to tooth enamel erosion. Erosion can lead to increased tooth sensitivity and a higher risk of cavities.
  • Increase of Bad Bacteria: Vaping can alter the microbial environment in the mouth, promoting the growth of harmful bacteria. This imbalance can contribute to oral health issues such as cavities and gum disease.
  • Oral Cancer: While rare, vaping can lead to serious oral diseases like Periodontitis and even oral cancer.

Promote Healthy Teeth & Gums – Avoid Vaping

Dr. Viviana Waich is committed to talking about the tough issues when it comes to healthy teeth, gums, and mouths. We make sure our patients know the risks associated with activities like vaping or smoking – so they can be better informed about their choices and the impact it has on their oral health. If you are vaping, or smoking, and haven’t been to the dentist in a while, we highly encourage you to schedule an appointment today for only $129 (includes exam, x-ray, and regular cleaning). Getting a routine dental exam can make all the difference in catching oral disease while it is still treatable.