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September is National Gum Care Month

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gum healthTaking care of your teeth is incredibly important when it comes to keeping your whole body healthy – but did you know that caring for your gums is even more vital? Our gums do more than just hold our teeth. This month, Sonrisas Dental Miami is promoting National Gum Care Month. We hope that we can spread some awareness about the importance of gum health and preventing gum disease.

The Gateway for Disease

Our mouths are the gateway for many viruses. As we breathe in contaminated water droplets or consume food containing bacteria, it doesn’t stop at the gum/teeth. These bacteria and viruses can make their way into our bloodstream and cause disease. The best way to prevent illness or combat this is to have a strong front line of defense! Keeping our gums healthy by flossing daily, brushing twice every day for two minutes each time, and seeing your dentist regularly is essential.

Signs Your Gums May Be In Trouble

Your gums can let you know whether or not they are in trouble – at least most of the time. Here are some signs your gums may need professional dental attention:

  • Color. Gums need to be a healthy pink color. If you notice they are darkening, becoming red or inflamed in spots, or turning black – it is very important to see a dentist right away as this could be a sign of gum disease.
  • Bleeding and Sensitivity. Many people think bleeding after flossing is normal, but it isn’t. If you are bleeding after brushing or flossing, it means your gums are inflamed or infected. Pregnant women may be more at risk for this because their blood vessels have excess blood, causing the capillaries at the front to burst more easily.
  • Loose Teeth. If your teeth become loose, and you have not had any trauma to the area, this could be a cry for help from your gums. Strong, healthy gums keep your teeth ‘rooted’, but if a tooth becomes loose, it may mean that gums are losing their strength. This is bad news for your teeth and your jawbone.
  • Sour Taste. Our gums can taste sour or metallic when they are unhealthy. Take note if you taste anything weird along your gumline.

Why Your Gums Matter

Well, the most obvious reason that your gums matter is they hold your teeth in place, and without your teeth – your jawbone may begin to deteriorate. But, your gums are important for many more reasons. If you don’t take care of your gums and you develop gum disease, this can lead to other very dangerous diseases – such as diabetes and heart disease. Recent studies suggest that unhealthy gums and gum disease can make you 2 to 3 times more likely to die from cardiovascular issues.

How to Practice Healthy Gum Care

The priority for good gum care is to schedule routine dental exams with your provider. Every 6 months, make sure to get a cleaning, exam, and x-ray so you can determine the state of your gums. In between, you can keep your gums healthy by doing these simple things:

  • Floss Daily
  • Brush Twice Per Day for Two Minutes Each Time
  • Avoid Sugary Beverages and Foods
  • Drink Water

Whether you are a new patient or one of our regulars, we encourage you to get in touch with us and schedule your next cleaning! To us, every month is Gum Care Month. We look forward to keeping your gums and teeth healthy!

Posted in News on September 14, 2023