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Tooth Extractions

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Comfortable Tooth Removal

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Needing a tooth pulled can make you extremely anxious, especially if you have had a bad experience in the past. Fortunately, with the latest dental advancements, tooth extractions can be a simple and nearly painless experience at Sonrisas Dental Miami.

You may need a tooth extracted for a number of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Tooth Trauma/Emergency – from sudden force of an object or fall.
  • Dental Infection – caused by bacteria, poor dental hygiene, genetics, lifestyle, or a combination of all.
  • Tooth Crowding – typical in wisdom teeth extraction and children’s dentistry.

If you suffer from a dental emergency that may require a tooth extraction, don’t wait for dental care! Contact us right away for an appointment.

The Sonrisas Difference

We set ourselves apart when it comes to comfortable tooth extractions in North Miami Beach. Not only do we have a supportive team, an experienced dentist, and a comfortable, modern office – but we truly go the extra 10 miles when it comes to your tooth extraction care. Here is what you can expect with your experience at Sonrisas:

  • Comfortable procedure with relaxation methods & support
  • Probiotics provided for ultimate healing support
  • Antibiotics provided in-office (skip the pharmacy)
  • A minimum of 1 follow-up appointment after extraction to make sure you are healing well – we offer additional follow-ups if needed at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

All of these benefits are included in the tooth extraction price. No hidden fees or charges – just the best tooth extraction experience in Miami.

The Extraction Process

Nearly 15% of Americans fear the dentist – mostly because they fear it will hurt. Our team makes it a priority to give you a comfortable experience during the extraction process by offering a number of options for pain and anxiety relief including sedation.

The first step in the tooth extraction process is to assess the damage. In some cases, a tooth may be saved by a dental crown. If the damage or decay is too extensive, extraction will be recommended. In cases of dental infection, a dentist may put you on a course of antibiotics in addition to extracting the infected tooth. We are proud to offer the latest in dental technology to give you the best care in the area, including the Piezatome – the newest addition to the Sonrisas Dental Miami office.

The Piezotome is an exciting modality that enables us to extract teeth without disturbing adjacent teeth, bone, and soft tissue. This allows less postoperative discomfort after your extractions. It is also the ideal way to extract teeth when an implant is going to be placed.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

8 out of 10 people will need their wisdom teeth removed at some point in their lives. These pesky molars can wreak havoc in your mouth before they ever break through the gums! When these molars fail to break through the gums due to a small mouth or irregular jaw angle, they can become impacted. This means that the wisdom tooth is growing at an angle toward the front or side of the mouth. If not removed, this can cause extreme discomfort, tooth decay, and even gum disease.

Common Problems Caused by Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth that are blocked by other teeth and cannot emerge properly through the gums are called impacted. Some common ailments that are caused by impacted wisdom teeth are listed below:



Wisdom teeth may emerge at an odd and uncomfortable angle. Crowding occurs when they push into adjacent teeth, making the teeth more difficult to clean and leading to an increased risk of gum disease.



When there is not enough rppm in the mouth for wisdom teeth to fully emerge through the gums, a flap of gum tissue may grow over the area, allowing food to be trapped and possibly lead to gum infection.



A fluid-filled sac can form around a wisdom tooth, causing pressure, pain and a weakening of the jaw by eroding the surrounding bone tissue.

Erosion Cavity

Erosion Cavity

If a wisdom tooth pushes against the second molar hard enough, it can cause an unseen cavity to develop, severely damaging both teeth.

Steps of Removal

wisdom teeth xrayThe only sure way to know if you need wisdom teeth extraction, aside from pain, is to get updated dental x-rays every year. Once a dentist confirms that your wisdom teeth are causing issues in your mouth, they will recommend oral surgery to remove them.

In most cases, removing the wisdom teeth is a very simple process requiring local anesthetic. Of course, if you are feeling anxious we will recommend other sedation/relaxation options. The healing process can be lengthy if you do not follow the aftercare procedures given to you by the dentist. It is important to keep the extraction area clean and avoid using straws for a few days after the surgery.

In Pain Now?

With any tooth pain, it is important not to wait! Schedule an appointment if you are experiencing dental discomfort. Our team is supportive and understanding of concerns when it comes to dental anxiety and we will do our best to make you feel at ease.  If you are worried about missing teeth, Sonrisas offers a variety of options to restore your beautiful smile including implants, veneers, and dentures.